Origin:  Inland Empire, CA


Genres:  Rock


Years Active:  2015- Present


Based in The Inland Empire, The Sum line up is, Dan Herschleb, Ed Castanon, Todd Pearce and Bert Fiallo.  These four gentlemen (and I use this term loosely) were brought together by a shared love of Rock and Roll crossing a wide spectrum of styles and genres.  There set list touches upon five decades of some of the most influential music ever written and recorded.

The band was founded by Ed Castanon, durmmer and Dan Herschleb, rythmn and lead guitar, in July of 2014.  Looking to add a basist to the mix, Todd Pearce was hooked up with the band via Bandmix and a musical connection was formed.  Todd added extensive playing experience coupled with live performace expertise and was welcomed into the band in 2015 creating a trio. 


After playing together for "Sum" months, the trio felt the need to add an additional guitarist to add flavor and depth to the vibrations.  Bert Fiallo, the latest addition to The Sum virtue of living a mere two doors down from Todd Pearce, forged his way into the band by providing powerful guitar licks accompanied with smooth vocal tone.  Surpisingly, Bert and Todd had been neighbors for years without knowing about the other's interest in music.

The current line up features ED Castanon on drums, Dan Herschleb on guitar and vocals, Bert Fiallo on guitar and vocals and Todd Pearce on bass and back-up vocals.  The quartet features songs from the most popular recording artists of all time, including, The Beatles, The Eagles and many more in between such as Billy Idol, Radiohead and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Sum brings you songs you know and love (along with a few songs that you may have forgotten about) with their singular interpertation all while capturing the spirit of Rock and Roll classics.  The Sum is also interested in expanding their musical library and work hard at introducing new material regularly.  We hope one day you can expericence a live Sum event, so check us out and like us on Facebook. 


The Sum motto is: "The Sum is Greater Than One"

When The Sum plays you can be sure there is a rocken party.


                           Bert Fiallo        Ed Castanon        Todd Pearce     Dan Herschleb