The Sum Will Be Jamming This Saint.Patrick's day Friday March 17th at 8:30 at Tina's Tavern

If I was to say green beer what would you think? That's right, St. Patrick's day and The Sum will be playing this St. Patrick's day Friday March 17th 2017 at Tina's Tavern in West Covina. If you’re looking to kick back have fun, listen to good music and drink beer then Tina's Tavern, located at 328 S Glendora Ave, is a safe bet. It’s not the kind of place that’s going to break your wallet, so that’s more you have left over to drink more beer. Come on by and see The Sum at Tina's Tavern this St. Patrick's day and have sum fun. The Sum will start playing at 8:30 so don't be square and be there. Contact Tina's Tavern at: 626-919-2360

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