Sum Up Stubrik's Steakhouse Gig in Downtown Fullerton

The Sum had a great time playing in Downtown Fullerton last Saturday night. The Downtown area was slow but Stubrik’s was rocking out with The Sum. There was a good crowd that varied by 50 to a 100 folks most the night and a great late night crowd of 35 who shouted for more music at the end and The Sum responded with an additional 3 songs playing past 1:30 AM. Ouch!The Sum would like to thank everyone who showed up to our Downtown Fullerton gig and let you all know The Sum will be back soon. It was a blast playing for everyone and we seen a lot of new faces that where having a great time. So many folks singing along with the band to every song and that is what The Sum is all about. People having fun and singing along to the songs they know and love.If you had a great time or you didn’t make it this time you are ready to come next Saturday night and “Get Sum”. The Sum is greater than one and always be a 7%er.

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