A Big Thanks and Next Gigs

The Sum would like to thank the Clubhouse, Tina’s Tavern, Bobby V’s and Group Therapy Pub for the great time we have had at our last few gigs. The party was going on really good and good friends, good family (aren’t they the same anyhow?) were all there to support us and have a good time rocking with The Sum. Yes, we sure did that!

At the Clubhouse we had Scott join us on a couple of songs with sum great blues harp work. Thanks Scott and can’t wait to have you back again.

We been having lots of fun; So where have you been?

For the month of July The Sum will be playing in Downtown Fullerton at Stubrik’s Steakhouse & Bar on Saturday November 21st and at Group Therapy Pub in Placentia Saturday July 28th. Also we may have a little surprise down the road for you all. The Sum will be asking sum other guitar players to join us for sum live improv on sum songs in the near future. Wonder who it could be? Come join The Sum in July for sum good times and sum great rock music and let’s party. The Sum plays all the songs you know and love and remember, always be a 7%er. Get Sum!

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